Ep 15 – Brandon J. Ellis: “A Life-sized Antonio Banderas Body Pillow”

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If you’re looking for a full-sized, Antonio Banderas body pillow, then Brandon J. Ellis is the man you should be hanging with. Broadway star Brandon J. Ellis and I have been friends for over a decade. You all probably know him as the face of Firehouse Subs, but did you know that he wrote a musical called Balls: The Musical!? …and that it was sponsored by BALLS VODKA?!? Most of you will probably know him as “Davy Zlatic” from the original Broadway cast of the amazing musical Bandstand, but did you know that he used to have a job where he would fart inside of a grandfather clock??? We know Mr. Ellis from his work on TV shows like 30 Rock and Broadway shows like Company, and Once, but I bet you’d never guess what type of furniture he’d want to have a sexual relationship with. Well we discuss it all right here on this episode. From his multi-pronged career in show business, to why no one talks about morning breath in the movies, to which animal he thinks is the cutest, to which Broadway musicals we think are wildly overrated, Brandon and I do a bonafide deep dive discussion about everything and anything! This was a really fun episode to record, and I can promise after listening to this episode, you will all have new love and new respect for the man himself, Mr. Brandon Ellis!

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