Ep 17 – Joe Iconis: “I Love to be Delighted”

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Joe Iconis is huggable. Joe Iconis is intimidating. Joe Iconis has amazing talent. Joe Iconis also has amazing hair. He is a darling of musical theatre, and someone I always catch myself rooting for. We ALL know that Joe Iconis is a staple in NYC with his infamous concerts featuring the “Joe Iconis Family” but did you know that Joe Iconis has a deep love for all things The Muppets? We all know Joe for his Tony nominated work for his musical adaptation of BE MORE CHILL, but did you know this show almost didn’t have a fighting chance to blow up into the phenomenon it did? The man is a legend and ALSO, a myth and it was a joy having him on the show to not only discuss life during COVID-19, hear about his amazing career and play some silly games, but he also gives some truly terrific advice to all future generations of theatre workers. So TUNE IN, and turn it the hell up! Joe Iconis is in the house, and he is spitting truth all up in this pod! For more on Joe make sure to follow him on his socials @MrJoeIconis!

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