Ep 19 – Taylor Iman Jones: “I Have Good Teeth Privilege”

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No one on this planet is more chill and charming than Broadway star, Taylor Iman Jones. It was a complete pleasure getting to talk to her about everything under the sun. Not just her amazing career accolades (such as starring in Broadway cult fave’s such as Groundhog Day and Head Over Heels, and also jumping in as the lead alongside Beth Leavel in the upcoming The Devil Wears Prada), but we also discuss how we are both Bay Area native’s, how she is a jazz pianist, and we even play a rousing game of “Every 4th Question” – you’ll be laughing your tail off by the end of this episode. So sit back, tune in, and turn in the F*** UP! Taylor Iman Jones is in the house! Keep up with Taylor on instagram, Twitter, and TikTok @taylorimanjones

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