Ep 22 – Emma Hunton: “My Entire Life is Based off the Decision of a Six Year Old”

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Emma Hunton is a class act. She currently plays Davia Moss on GOOD TROUBLE, now in its third season. But you know that! I bet you didn’t know that she once had access to LORD OF THE RINGS porn parody! Before her work in TV we all knew Emma from her career on stage as Elphaba in Wicked and Ilsa in Spring Awakening on Broadway, but did you know that if it came down to it, she’d kick Tomi Loren’s small minded ass!? I bet you know of her work on tour as Natalie in Next to Normal or from her performance in The Mad Ones, but I bet none of y’all knew that Emma and I actually dated over eleven years ago! In fact one of my most popular songs is written about her! Learn about that and all things Emma in this week’s episode! We talk about Emma’s non-stop career in show business since the age of 6, we talk about her hate for mansplainers. We talk about why I insist on continuing to try to start unnecessary beef with Broadway’s beloved Jonathan Groff. From household chores, to hangover cures, we discuss it all! What a joy it was to sit with my good friend Emma Hunton. Tune in, and subscribe!
Find Emma Hunton on twitter instagram and TikTok @EmmaHunton, and don’t miss her on season 3 of FreeForm’s GOOD TROUBLE!
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