Ep 23 – Troy Iwata: “I Took a Class That You Told Me to Pay You to Take”

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Broadway and TV star Troy Iwata and I have known each other since I met him as a young new talented and tricked him into paying too much money for a masterclass I was teaching. WHAT A SUCKER! I’m thrilled I know Troy and I’m thrilled he was able to come by the podcast for some fun! Troy has graced the Broadway stage as a swing in the cult phenomenon “Be More Chill,” but we all know that! I bet you didn’t know Troy worked at Target and was a master at bagging groceries! Troy became a fan-favorite as Langston on the hit Netflix series “Dash & Lily” but I bet you’d never guess which well-known composer he disappointed by not crying in front of him. I bet you don’t know Troy’s first memory, or which super power he’d like to possess one day, and I bet you didn’t know that he is once of the funniest dudes on the planet. I loved talking with him and YOU’LL all love listening! So tune in for my conversation with Troy Iwata, rate, give it a comment, and for the love of peat, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! Find Troy on twitter and instagram @MrTroyIwata
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