Ep 27 – Natalie Weiss: “Spaghetti in Bed”

In This Episode

Jumping f***ing jesus! Natalie Weiss is in the house! Natalie and I talk about everything from eating spaghetti in bed, sending food back at a restaurant, and what it takes to be a bad ass entrepreneur while also being an artist! We all know Natalie from her stage work in shows like Les Miz, and Everyday Rapture on Broadway, but did you know that this viral sensation has no strategy when it comes to building her empire?! We all know her from her highly popular online series BREAKING DOWN THE RIFFS, but I bet you’d never guess that Natalie has an entourage of friends in their young 20’s!? We all love Natalie and her amazing concert performances, but I bet you’d never guess that Natalie Weiss suffered severely from thin brows in middle school! Well, we discuss all over this and more, including her approach to being a business woman in the arts and an influence on younger people. Tune in, and turn it up! NOW we’re talking with Natalie Weiss!

You can find Natalie on twitter, instagram, and tiktok: @TheNatalieWeiss.

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