Ep 29 – Raymond J Lee: “He Who Study’s Well”

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Sit your ass right down and LISTEN! Broadway’s secret weapon is here! It’s Raymond J Lee! We all know Ray from his work on stage in such shows at Mamma Mia, Soft Power, and Groundhog Day, but did you know Ray was supposed to be a doctor! I’m sure you all know Ray from his amazing work in shows like Aladdin or song cycles like We Aren’t Kids Anymore (written by yours truly), but did you know his parents LIED TO HIM about being accepted into Columbia! Ray has a fascinating life, and he’s been able to prove so many people wrong, break down walls, and become one of Broadway’s most unique and gifted talents. This was a joy to get to sit and shoot the shit with the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Raymond J Lee!!!

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