Ep 30 – Lesli Margherita: “I’m Jean McJean!”

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We are not worthy! The Queen is in the building. Queen Lesli that is. Lesli Margherita is one of the funniest and most kick ass people in the business. Of course many of you know her from her Olivier award winning performance as Inez in Zorro the Musical on the West End, but did you know that she covered LA and London well before she even made her Broadway debut! We all fell in LOVE with Lesli when she starred as Mrs. Wormwood in the hit Broadway musical Matilda, but did you know that this bi-coastal bad ass thinks me, Drew Gasparini, could be a musical theatre sex symbol?!?! (Calendar to be released soon!) She’s gone everything from the West End to Broadway to off-Broadway to the screen, she’s even shared scenes with her crush from N*Sync, JC Chasez, and lots more. Get ready for laughs and a great time, because NOW we’re talking with the iconic Lesli Margherita! Follow Lesli on instagram and twitter @QueenLesli ||

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