Ep 36 – Matt Doyle: “I’ve Never Smelt So Much Gas In One Room”

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Matt Doyle is a Broadway treasure. Is there anything worse than seeing the friends you grew up with not age at all, meanwhile you feel like you’ve aged 4 times faster than most humans?? That’s how I feel when I saw Matt on the other end of this interview. I’ve known him since we were 12 and shortly after our adolescents he became a Broadway staple starring in shows such as Spring Awakening, War Horse, Book of Mormon, and so much more. He’s about to make his return to Broadway in the highly anticipated revival of COMPANY! On this episode we play “Who would you Squid Game first?” – we play a rousing game of FMK, and we talk about the very wrong casting choices we were stuck with as teenagers. Ladies and gentleman, theys and thems, it’s my pal and yours, Mr. Matt Doyle is on the podcast!!!!


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