Ep 6 – Amber Ardolino: “I Think That’s How I’m Going to Thirst Trap”

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As if we needed more reasons to love Amber Ardolino! Turns out she’s not only talented, beautiful, successful, and kind- SHE’S AN INTERIOR DECORATOR TOO! It’s like, enough already! We get it. You’re rad. And our conversation only cemented that fact. It’s like, sure, you were on Broadway right out of the gate in teensy weensy shows like Head Over Heels, and Moulin Rouge, but why is no one talking about you have dreams of one day having a job where she can one day get day-drunk! Also, okay, YES, Amber has established an online ARMY of fans on platforms like TikTok, but did you know that she taught herself how to install FLOORING and became a super queen of DIY interior designer. We are all fully aware, that she has done Hamilton both on Broadway and in the Chicago production, but I bet you could never guess what horrifying nicknames she had when she was a teenager! Well tune in and turn it up, because Amber and I talk about all of this and then some on this weeks episode of NOW WE’RE TALKING with me, Drew Gasparini. Amber Ardolino is in the house!

Amber Ardolino has been gracing the Broadway stages constantly for years being featured in several game changing musicals such as Hamilton, Head Over Heels, and Moulin Rouge where she has gone on as Karen Olivo’s understudy in the lead roll of Satine. For more amazingness from Amber, follow her on TikTok @AmberNicoleArdolino and Instagram/Twitter @AmberArdolino.

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