Ep 9 – Brittany Hölljes: “You’re A Little Gray Fox Having Coffee in a Little Tweed Hat”

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Brittany Hölljes, one of the driving forces behind the band Delta Rae stops by the podcast for a deep dive conversation! This one is particularly special to me because Brittany and the other band members of Delta Rae all grew up together! I’m sure our listeners know that Brittany and her band Delta Rae have a massive following, but I bet you didn’t know that we were in an a cappella group when we were kids! Sure, it’s old news that she was listed as one of Rolling Stone’s “women who rock” but did you know that she left high school at the age of 16? Her huge fan base knows that she embodies the spirit of a fierce and fearless lion, but did you know that Brittany has assessed that my spirit animal is that of a tiny gray fox wearing a tweed vest? And did you know that she and Delta Rae are writing a southern gothic musical!?!?!? Well tune the f**k in because in this episode we discuss all of this and a LOT MORE! Don’t forget to rate and subscribe, you sexy buttheads!

Brittany Hölljes is one of the singers and songwriters of the American rock band, Delta Rae. Delta Rae just made headlines for being one of the most funded musical groups on kickstarter of all time thanks to their very dedicated, large, and loud fanbase. They’ve released several studio albums and maintain a huge live following thanks to hit songs such as “Bottom of the River” -follow Brittany on Twitter/Instagram @brittanyhellyes and her band Delta Rae on twitter/instagra @DeltaRae

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