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The band is back together! This is one show that won’t be closing any time soon but Donja, Amber, & Drew apologize in advance because they are loud as hell this week. Loud for good reason, a new performance segment is debuted & the crew talks new beginnings, new works, & new lessons learned. However, it’s still the same ol’ good ass time as they hit their mark and go off book! *NEW SEGMENT* The Black Box: “Popeyes Nigga” excerpt from the play NEPTUNE written & performed by Timothy DuWhite. Go into the world of black theatre artists on this weekly podcast with a playwright, an actress, & a journalist as they explore and process life in NYC while pursuing their Broadway dreams. Email: OffBook@BroadwayBlack.com Twitter: @OffBookPodcast | @BroadwayBlack IG: @BroadwayBlack | @OffBookPodcast Facebook: www.facebook.com/broadwayblack2.0 www.BroadwayBlack.com

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