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It’s that time! Listen in as best you can to this episode! Off Book is now LIVE! Every Sunday at 6 pm EST. That means you can watch it as it happens on youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram every week.

DISCLAIMER: Now because we’re doing something new, we’re still working out the kinds. This week’s sound is not up to our regular standards but the episode is sooooooo worth the listen. Yall know Drew is a perfectionist and it’s probably not as bad as it makes him feel.

Listen in as Drew, Ngozi, & Kim chat it up about the One Night Only Broadway special, get candid with the Grammy-nominated(?) Urchins of Little Shop of Horrors 2019 Off-Broadway cast, and a surprise guest appearance from Michelle Weeks, the original Ronette from The Little Shop of Horrors film. The things that were shared in this episode are sure to make you laugh, cry, and laugh some more. You truly want to lend your good ear for this one. It’s worth it! Hit your mark! It’s time for places!

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