No Glass Cliffs feat, Gennean Scott (The Broadway League Dir. of DEI)

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This week we’re joined by theatre critic and What’s Up Broadway co-host, Ayanna Prescod, listen in as Drew takes up most of the time with his week of events including a Broadway Sessions storytime & being mistaken for Savion Glover. Hot Topics include The Color Purple film cast and a few exclusives you’ll want to hear. Also, don’t miss the rundown of what’s happening with The Broadway League as we sit down with the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at The Broadway League, Gennean Scott. She ain’t running so pull up! Hit your mark! It’s that time!

Go into the world of black theatre artists on this weekly podcast with a playwright, an actress, & a journalist as they explore and process life in NYC while pursuing their theatre dreams.

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