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In 1988 the Royal Shakespeare Company teamed up with the creators of Fame to turn Stephen King’s horror novel ‘Carrie’ into a musical. The result was one of Broadway’s most infamous disasters. For fans Holly and Chris, an obsession was born.

In episode 1, having rediscovered a dusty VHS bootleg of the show in the midst of a global pandemic, they dive into the roots of the ‘Carrie’ story with Stephen King expert and collaborator Bev Vincent, hear from the show’s lyricist Dean Pitchford about the musical’s origins, and chat to original workshop ‘Carrie White’ Annie Golden (Orange is the New Black, Hair, Desperately Seeking Susan) and her cast-mates Laura Dean and Julie Cohen about those heady early days.

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Out for Blood is hosted by Holly Morgan and Chris Adams, edited by Tom Moores, with original music by Odinn Orn Hilmarson and artwork by Rebecca Pitt.

Out for Blood is a proud member of the Broadway Podcast Network.

Thanks this week to Dean Pitchford, Annie Golden, Laura Dean, Julie Cohen, Bev Vincent and Rich Hawkins.


  • A bootleg recording of the workshop production of Carrie can be found on YouTube.
  • Here’s Dean Pitchford and Michael Gore winning the 1981 ‘Best Original Song’ Oscar for Fame.
  • A video guide to Alban Berg’s opera Lulu, which inspired the creation of Carrie the Musical.
  • Watch the trailer for Brian de Palma’s acclaimed 1977 Carrie movie. Look out for an appearance from Betty Buckley, who goes on to star in the musical.
  • Bev Vincent edits the Stephen King newsletter News From The Dead Zone and co-editor (with Stephen King) of the anthology Flight or Fright.
  • The iconic Annie Golden performs with The Shirts at a CBGB’s reunion.
  • Check out Julie Cohen’s (also known as Jewels Nation) band The Nations and Laura Dean’s YouTube channel Micro Mangia.
  • And here’s Laura singing a mashup of Fame/I Sing the Body Electric.
  • She dropped out of high school this morning, tonight, she’s a Times Square Hooker! Don’t miss the trailer for Streetwalkin’, the B-movie Annie and Julie were shooting each night during the Carrie workshop! [content warning: boobs]
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