Chapter 8: A sturdy little battleship

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By 2012, over two decades had passed since Carrie the Musical’s high-profile Broadway car crash, and the last thing its creators wanted was to resurrect the show that haunted them. But the requests for a revival kept coming in.

We find out why Director Stafford Arima was determined to give the show a new life, and how he persuaded the writers to give Carrie another chance in a smaller, tighter new production (with not a unitard or giant staircase in sight). We meet two of the stars of that ‘revisal’, Molly Ranson and Carmen Cusack, and speak to award-winning vocal designer AnnMarie Milazzo about how she reinvented the sound of Carrie for a new generation.

Is it possible to shake off the reputation of a show that’s known as a complete disaster? And can you really do Carrie without the blood?

Friends of Carrie – join us on our social channels: this week we shared some iconic exclusive photos from Linzi Hateley’s personal Carrie collection!


Out for Blood is hosted by Holly Morgan and Chris Adams, edited by Tom Moores, with original music by Odinn Orn Hilmarson and artwork by Rebecca Pitt.

Out for Blood is a proud member of the Broadway Podcast Network.

Thanks this week to Dean Pitchford, Stafford Arima, AnnMarie Millazzo, Molly Ranson, Carmen Cusack and Andrew Wachter.



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