31 – Alie B. Gorrie, Actor/Advocate/Disability Inclusion Consultant

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As an actor, Alie B. Gorrie has worked in regional theatre, off-Broadway, and on tour. She seeks to tell stories that shed light on the complexities of the human condition…stories that challenge norms. She also lives for a celebratory tap break and a perfectly timed Dad-joke.

As an inclusion consultant, she helps theatre companies, organizations, and educators make their communities more accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities.

She is a self-proclaimed “cockeyed optimist,” and she happens to live with a vision impairment. In 2008, she created Songs for Sight, an organization that provides funding and support so that children with low vision across Alabama can thrive.

As an advocate and creative, she helped dream up and co-produce ABLE: a series, a new doc-series streaming on Amazon Prime, discussing disability inclusion in the entertainment industry. For more on ABLE, head here!

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