44 – Micayla Brewster, Digital Marketer & Social Media Manager

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Digital marketer of Broadway favorites including Hamilton, Hadestown, and Be More Chill, Micayla Brewster breaks down her process at Marathan Digital and beyond.
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About Micayla Brewster:
Micayla is a creative, detail-oriented, driven person who loves to share stories and cultivate relationships. Those skills helped her as she developed a passion for digital marketing and social media management. 
She is currently based in New York City and is an Account Manager at Marathon Digital where she runs the official social media accounts of fan-centric Broadway shows like Hamilton, Hadestown, and Be More Chill.
Micayla loves working in the world of entertainment is excited to be doing it through her passion for social media and digital marketing. There is absolutely nothing more captivating to her than an innovative campaign with a detailed strategy.
As a daughter of successful entrepreneurs and a product of California’s Bay Area, she learned at a young age how important hard work is in achieving success. She had the privilege of watching her parents start a worldwide transportation company from humble beginnings in their garage and grew up in a place that values innovation and groundbreaking ideas. She knows that it takes grit and passion to make something successful out of nothing. 
As a California-native turned New Yorker, she is the proud owner of her first winter coat.

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