ALBUM PODCAST with Joe Iconis and Jennifer Ashley Tepper


ALBUM PODCAST is a behind-the-songs deep dive into the creative process of writer and performer Joe Iconis. Through a series of conversations with his friend/collaborator Jennifer Ashley Tepper, Joe will offer a behind the scenes glimpse of the writing and producing of his 44-song epic Album. The longtime friends weave through their common history, share war stories of their time spent in the battle ground of contemporary musical theater, and introduce you to the Rogue’s Gallery of showtune misfits who make up their chosen Family. A sprawling, rafter-shaking podcast that is the ultimate companion piece to Iconis’ massive body of work.


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"Haddonfield, 15 Years Later (For Judith)" (Joel Waggoner)

“Haddonfield, 15 Years Later (For Judith)” (Joel Waggoner)

Have you ever wondered what a song inspired by the plight of HALLOWEEN's Michael Myers might be like? Well, Joe Iconis sure did. A nod to his love of Halloween (the day and the movie), "Haddonfield, 15 ...
"Building a Fort" (Harrison Chad)

“Building a Fort” (Harrison Chad)

As a kid, the disappointment of dropping an ice cream on the ground feels like the end of the world. As an adult, the circumstances of our disappointments change, but the feeling is the same. "Building ...
"Yesterdays / I Can’t Relate" (Jason Tam & Jason Veasey)

“Yesterdays / I Can’t Relate” (Jason Tam & Jason Veasey)

Originally written for a proposed T.V. project, this ode to the complexity of nostalgia is performed by The Jasons: Tam and Veasey. Hear about the origins of the song and the implications of being nostalgic ...
"All The Mistakes That He Made About The Girl" (Joe Iconis)

“All The Mistakes That He Made About The Girl” (Joe Iconis)

A companion piece to the previous episode "The Song", this one is brings the underlying to the surface. It's about a writer, still definitely not Joe Iconis, who is coming to terms with only being able ...
"The Song" (Joe Iconis)

“The Song” (Joe Iconis)

Upon hearing that multiple people in his life were worried that Joe would write a song about them, he did what any jerk songwriter would do: he wrote a song about it. Is this song about Joe himself? ...
"The Actress" (Katrina Rose Diderikson)

“The Actress” (Katrina Rose Diderikson)

A tragic and hideous tale of an actress navigating a path through a dangerous obstacle course of high-belting and tasteless riffing. Joe's lifelong collaborator Katrina Rose Diderikson expertly acts her ...



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