ALBUM PODCAST with Joe Iconis and Jennifer Ashley Tepper


ALBUM PODCAST is a behind-the-songs deep dive into the creative process of writer and performer Joe Iconis. Through a series of conversations with his friend/collaborator Jennifer Ashley Tepper, Joe will offer a behind the scenes glimpse of the writing and producing of his 44-song epic Album. The longtime friends weave through their common history, share war stories of their time spent in the battle ground of contemporary musical theater, and introduce you to the Rogue’s Gallery of showtune misfits who make up their chosen Family. A sprawling, rafter-shaking podcast that is the ultimate companion piece to Iconis’ massive body of work.


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"Play the Princess" (Destinee Rea and L Morgan Lee)

“Play the Princess” (Destinee Rea and L Morgan Lee)

A cut song from the Joe Iconis musical "Bloodsong of Love," which itself is a wild musical theater interpretation of the Spaghetti Western film genre, "Play the Princess" is another song about art and ...
"64" (Alan H. Green, George Salazar, Jose Restrepo)

“64” (Alan H. Green, George Salazar, Jose Restrepo)

A song about the history of an actual New York City street, "64' takes us back to the past, before Lincoln Center existed, to explore the less glamorous side of tearing down the past to build the future ...
"Jeff" (Jeremy Morse)

“Jeff” (Jeremy Morse)

Depicting a real-life situation almost every New Yorker can relate to, "Jeff," sung by Jeremy Morse, tells the story of a man seeing a neighbor in the buff in a nearby building and the existential crisis ...
"The Protector" (Jason SweetTooth Williams)

“The Protector” (Jason SweetTooth Williams)

An intentionally mysterious song involving impossibly complicated states, both mental and geographical. A character piece written for Jason SweetTooth Williams, who navigates the strangeness like no one else could ...
"Lydia's Song" (Lauren Marcus)

“Lydia’s Song” (Lauren Marcus)

Sung by Lauren Marcus, this haunting song was inspired by a certain character in a certain movie featuring a ghost-with-the-most. It wasn't part of the subsequent musical based on the movie, but we're ...
"The Answer" (Aaron Tveit)

“The Answer” (Aaron Tveit)

One of the oldest songs on ALBUM, "The Answer" is from Joe's first full-length musical, The Black Suits, written as his NYU Tisch Graduate Musical Theater Writing Program Senior thesis. Performed by Aaron ...



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