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After the ‘Broadway Disher’ (Lesli Margherita) leaks news of a top secret, in-the-works, new mega musical, the Broadway community goes off-the-charts batty. Top-of-their-game Broadway Producers Cheryl Philips (Lillias White) and Steve Jones (James Monroe Iglehart), arch enemies, pounce. Who will get the rights? Will way-out-of-their-comfort-zone creators Kaye (Ashley Park) and Bobby (Michael Urie) manage to deliver a draft of the show before their marriage implodes? Will Director/Choreographer Zoey Taylor (Ariana DeBose) send the show’s budget into a free fall with her wildly ambitious vision?  Will Broadway Diva Emma-Olivia (Sarah Stiles) get a Schmackery’s cookie (with Sprinkles) named in her honor? Will newbie Agent Maxwell Fernsby (George Salazar) step into his new big shoes? And will Science Consultant Andrew Barth Feldman (Andrew Barth Feldman) protect the integrity and authenticity of the in-the-works mega musical, before he needs to leave this top secret show to star in a new Broadway musical?

The drama on stage pales in comparison to the drama behind the curtain….

You don’t want to miss this.

This is an original radio play produced by the Broadway Podcast Network and Executive Produced by Liz Armstrong.

As The Curtain Rises proudly supports The Actor’s Fund, the Broadway Podcast Network Frontline Initiative, and is a sponsored project of IFP (


Alex Brightman

as The Narrator
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Ilana Levine

as CAAA Receptionist
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Mauricio Martinez

as Thomas
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Sarah Stiles

as Emma-Olivia
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Haven Burton

Gwendolyn George
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Ariana Debose

as Zoey Taylor
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Bonnie Milligan

as Debra Hanaford
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Lillias White

as Cheryl
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Andrew Barth Feldman

as Himself
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Natasha Katz

Lighting Designer
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Ashley Park

as Kay
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Michael Urie

as Bobby
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James Monroe Iglehart

as Steve
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David Korins

Scenic Designer
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George Salazar

as Maxwell Fernsby
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Danny Marin
as the Soul Cycle Instructor

Mark Peikert
as the Box Office Manager

Alan Seales
as Alexis

Ramin Karimloo

Ramin Karimloo

as Stavros
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Lesli Margherita

as the Broadway Texter
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Jacob Smith

as Randolph, Lyft Driver, N’avi Ticket Buyer and Barista
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Damian Bazadona

President & Founder
Situation Interactive

Bill Berloni

Banshee Wrangler

Matt Britten

CEO Broadway Briefing

Gordon Cox

Entertainment Journalist

Greg Evans

Associate Editor &
Broadway Critic

Julie James

Program Director
On Broadway

Alex Lacamoire

Music Director/Arranger

Rick Miramontez

Broadway Publicist

Lynn Nottage


Jordan Roth

Producer and
President, Jujamcyn Theatres

Paul Tazewell

Costume Designer

Paul Wontorek


Production Credits

Written by
Dori Berinstein
Mark Peikert

Directed by
Dori Berinstein

Produced by
Dori Berinstein
Alan Seales
and the
Broadway Podcast Network

Executive Produced by
Liz Armstrong

Sound Editing & Design by
Bart Fasbender

Avvatar Music by
Matthew Sklar

Lyrics by
Dori Berinstein

Sound Engineering by
Alan Seales

Banshee Wrangling by
Bill Berloni

And absolutely everything else….by our extraordinary BPN Team:
Brittany Bigelow, Yoanna Nikolova, Katie Rosin, Cyndy Schatz and Beatriz Westby

AS THE CURTAIN RISES was created and recorded entirely in Quarantine.

This Broadway Soap Opera celebrates and supports The Actor’s Fund
and the BPN Frontline Worker Initiative which you can find at:


Ep6 - You Gotta Get a Gimmick

Ep6 – You Gotta Get a Gimmick

The most important aspect of Avvatar is finally being discussed: No, not the new script from Thomas (which Kay is still fuming over privately). The marketing campaign! As producers Cheryl and Steve—and science consultant Andrew Barth Feldman—take meetings, Kay and Bobby try to make it work with Thomas, ...
As the Curtain Rises - Ep7 - God, I Hope I Get It

Ep7 – God, I Hope I Get It

Auditions for Avvatar are finally here—how many blue-themed songs can one creative team hear? As many as the auditioners want to sing, frankly. But just as hope seems lost… a miracle of muscle and ability sweeps into Ripley-Grier and blows everyone away. And diva Emma-Olivia may be the ...
As The Curtain Rises - Ep8 - Red, White, and No Blue

Ep8 – Red, White, and No Blue

Stavros is taking the Avvatar team by storm—and Emma Olivia couldn’t be more thrilled! Well, no, but she’s an actress and she can pretend! Speaking of pretending, Bobby and Kay are busy pretending that Thomas isn’t a problem, Steve and Cheryl are pretending they were never worried, and ...

As The Curtain Rises proudly supports The Actor’s Fund and the Broadway Podcast Network Frontline Initiative.



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