Audition Secrets Hosted by Justin Guarini

Audition Secrets


The audition process can make or break a performer’s progress. Join our host, Broadway veteran Justin Guarini, every week to hear what it takes to stand out from the competition, avoid common mistakes, and unlock the next level of your musical theater career.

Have you ever walked out of an audition room and asked yourself: “I could’ve done so much better, why was that so terrible?”

Justin has too, many times, more than he can remember. So, he started searching for a new way to nail auditions and book more jobs as a performer.

Now, each week, Justin brings you valuable insights from his 17 years of success in the entertainment business, along with exclusive interviews and tips from some of the industry’s biggest stars, directors, creatives, thought leaders and working actors just like you!

The Audition Secrets podcast is your direct line to behind the scenes audition success strategies and insiders, straight from the stages, the audition rooms, and the players to your earbuds.



Audition Secrets Hosted by Justin Guarini

Quick Hit: Launch Week/Authenticity

In this episode Justin talks authenticity in the audition room and how his son almost got him arrested. The big question of the discussion is how we can stop using manipulation to get the things that we want...and start exercising the muscle of authenticity and integrity instead ...
Audition Secrets Hosted by Justin Guarini

Quick Hit: The Musical Virus

In this Quick Hit episode, Justin shares an amazing piece of advice that 5-time Tony nominated director David Leveaux shared with him and the company of "Once Upon A One More Time" in a post-performance note session. The Musical Virus! ...
Audition Secrets Hosted by Justin Guarini

Stop Acting & Start Playing

Does the grind of auditioning and the general "business of show" sometimes make you question why you made the choice to be a part of the entertainment rollercoaster lifestyle? ...
Audition Secrets Hosted by Justin Guarini

Stop Caring So Much!!

When you stop putting tons of pressure on yourself in auditions, you leave space for your unique genius to shine! In this episode, I use the example of my audition for the award winning "Lil' Sweet" national commercial campaign to show you how letting go of all the ...
Audition Secrets Hosted by Justin Guarini

The “Comparison Trap”

If you've ever found yourself wishing you had the kind of success/money/fame/clothes/cars that other people...especially the "shiny" people we see on social media and in entertainment have...then you definitely want to listen to this episode. Justin breaks down the trap that is comparing your life and success (or ...
Audition Secrets Hosted by Justin Guarini

Quick Hit: Don’t Ever Lie!!

Todays episode provides you with a powerful 3-step solution to one of the biggest problems that most performers face...lying in the audition room. Most performers don't even realize they're doing it...and's usually the first thing that performers do when the walk into the audition room!! ...


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