Audition Secrets Hosted by Justin Guarini

Audition Secrets


The audition process can make or break a performer’s progress. Join our host, Broadway veteran Justin Guarini, every week to hear what it takes to stand out from the competition, avoid common mistakes, and unlock the next level of your musical theater career.

Have you ever walked out of an audition room and asked yourself: “I could’ve done so much better, why was that so terrible?”

Justin has too, many times, more than he can remember. So, he started searching for a new way to nail auditions and book more jobs as a performer.

Now, each week, Justin brings you valuable insights from his 17 years of success in the entertainment business, along with exclusive interviews and tips from some of the industry’s biggest stars, directors, creatives, thought leaders and working actors just like you!

The Audition Secrets podcast is your direct line to behind the scenes audition success strategies and insiders, straight from the stages, the audition rooms, and the players to your earbuds.



Audition Secrets Hosted by Justin Guarini

Quick Hit: The Other Side of Failure

Justin doesn't want you to be the asshole. In today's Quick Hit, he gives you three great reasons to fail while nerding out about synaptic pathways ...
Laura Osnes Wants You To Feel Things

Laura Osnes Wants You To Feel Things

The effervescent Laura Osnes joins Justin to discuss healthy competition, the value of kindness (and baked goods) in a difficult industry, and how Broadway absolutely didn't eat her for breakfast ...
Patti LuPone is Having All the Fun

Patti LuPone is Having All the Fun

Broadway legend Patti LuPone chats with Justin about the shittiest audition she's ever given, how the industry has changed over the course of her incredible career, and why she didn't really want to play Evita ...
Audition Secrets Hosted by Justin Guarini

Welcome to Audition Secrets, the Podcast

Do auditions stress you out, burn you out, make you feel out of control? Are you doing everything you can to achieve the career you envisioned for yourself?. I'm Justin Bell Guarini and I hope this podcast motivates you to get up, get out there and just get ...


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