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Backstage Talk, hosted by Colombian performing artist Martín Acuña, features the voices of those entertainment professionals who are backstage, not under the spotlight. We amplify those who create the shows we love: ensemble and company performers, producers, teachers, writers, stage managers, directors, and more, while also trying to bridge the gap between Colombia’s Musical Theatre Industry and Broadway.

Made by someone who lives and breathes Musical Theatre, this podcast untangles what someone needs and what it takes to get to Broadway.

New episodes are released every Thursday!

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Episode #71: Pedro Salazar 🇨🇴 - English

Episode #71: Pedro Salazar 🇨🇴 – English

Colombian Musical Theatre & Opera director, Pedro Salazar, stopped by to share his thoughts about the industry in Colombia. 🇨🇴 His unique point of view is based on going abroad and bringing back ...
Episodio #70: Ilda Mason 🤩 - Español

Episodio #70: Ilda Mason 🤩 – Español

Esta reina Latina llegó para compartir su viaje desde sus comienzos en Panamá hasta su debut en Hollywood y Broadway! 🤩 Ilda Mason, una asombrosa artista de teatro musical, también comparte lo que ...
Episode #70: Ilda Mason 🤩 - English

Episode #70: Ilda Mason 🤩 – English

This Latina queen is here to share her journey from her beginnings in Panamá through her Hollywood movie debut and Broadway debut! 🤩 Ilda Mason, a stunning musical theatre performer, also shares what ...
Episode #69: Gil Torres 🇲🇽 - English

Episode #69: Gil Torres 🇲🇽 – English

My Twitter bestie, Gil Torres, came over to chat about his experience in the Musical Theatre Industry! 🤩 For him, acting in Musical Theatre as a Latin man is all about being truthful, and finding those ...
Episode #68: Ryan Duncan-Ayala 😎 - English

Episode #68: Ryan Duncan-Ayala 😎 – English

It's time to listen from the producer's side of Broadway! 🔥 Ryan Duncan-Ayala, a young theatre producer, tells us about his perspective and approach to producing and his journey with ¡Americano!, a ...
Episodio #67: Mauricio Martínez 🕺🏻 - Español

Episodio #67: Mauricio Martínez 🕺🏻 – Español

Desde México, Mauricio Martínez es un actor de Broadway que se ha movido entre las tablas con la potencia de una estrella fugaz. ⭐️ En este episodio, nos cuenta su historia, desde los escenarios ...


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