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Black Hair in the Big Leagues


Throughout Black Hair in the Big Leagues, host Salisha Thomas sits down with badass black women on Broadway and talks about all things hair. We are sharing secrets, swapping ideas, and talking about our individual experiences backstage, onstage and beyond. But that’s not all; there are women (and men!) who can speak on this topic in other industries as well and open the conversation about what it means to show up to work being black and “put together.”

After every episode, you’ll have new ideas for your own tresses and leave feeling inspired and empowered no matter what color you are to stop fighting what makes you unique, to live your best life and to embrace yourself exactly the way you are.

Part of the Broadway Podcast Network.


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EP-21 From Meangirls and The Voice- Ashley De L...

EP-21 Black Regina George- Ashley De La Rosa

From The Voice, to the Beautiful tour to making history as the first Black Regina George in Meangirls on Broadway, to Beautiful on Broadway to Hamilton as 'And Peggy,' Ashley De La Rosa is a the most humble, kind, force of nature you've ever met. She boldly stands ...
EP 20- Wicked on Broadway's First Black Glinda-...

EP 20- Wicked on Broadway’s First Black Glinda-Brittney Johnson

Broadway's Brittney Johnson is no stranger to making History. She first made history in Les Mis as the first black woman to play both Eponine and Fantine and the first woman to go on for both roles on the same day. And more recently, she became of the ...
EP 19 Alex Newell, Star of Zoey's Extraordinary...

EP 19 Alex Newell, Star of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

From the hit TV show Glee and currently starring in Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist on Hulu, Alex Newell is a force in every single room. Alex discusses advocating for oneself, starring on Broadway in Once On This Island, and gracefully explains a couple controversial topics. An outpouring vessel of ...
EP 18- Jagged Little Pill's DEANNE STEWART

EP 18- Jagged Little Pill’s DEANNE STEWART

Host Salisha talks with Deanne Stewart, who recently made her Broadway debut on the Alanis Morrissette-inspired rock musical, Jagged Little Pill,. They discuss being "conditioned to the European standards of beauty" and finding the beauty within their own natural hair while on Broadway ...
Black Hair in the Big Leagues - EP 17- TODRICK HALL SLAYS


Salisha Thomas sits down with the one and only Todrick Hall to discuss his journey to stardom, and of course, HAIR! Todrick is a choreographer, actor, dancer, singer, songwriter and director, who first became famous as a contestant on American Idol before going viral with his online Disney ...
Black Hair in the Big Leagues - EP 16 Adrianna Hicks, Brittney Mack

EP 16-Hailing from SIX the Musical: Britt Mack and Adrianna Hicks

From the hit musical, SIX we got Brittney Mack and Adrianna Hicks. Truly, two anointed and blessed Queens hailing from the Chicago production of Six to Broadway who are slaying on and off the stage. Britt Mack rocking her sister locks reveals that a hot comb has NEVER ...


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