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Hosted by Al Malafronte, this podcast celebrates two of New York City’s greatest fabrics: baseball and theatre. Born out of a passion for both Broadway musicals and triple digit fastballs, we attempt to show that baseball and theatre fans don’t have to live in such separate worlds, and maybe even break some stigmas.

Break a Bat! provides a platform for fans of either medium to hear stories and insight from their favorite performers, whether they’re from the stage, screen, or stadium, through intimate conversations.



Break a Bat Al Malafronte Episode 35 Steven Brault

#35 – Now Batting: Steven Brault

Steven Brault is a starting pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates who used his passion for musical theatre to release an entire album of showtunes this offseason titled A Pitch At Broadway. Prior to his time as a Major League Baseball player, Brault was a simultaneous collegiate ballplayer and ...
Break a Bat Al Malafronte Episode 34 Laura Bell Bundy

#34 – Now Batting: Laura Bell Bundy

Laura Bell Bundy steps into the Batter’s Box for Episode 34 of Break a Bat! Laura Bell is as well-rounded performer as there is in the game. Throughout her career, she's seen phenomenal success on stage, on screen, as well as in the recording studio as a singer-songwriter ...
Break a Bat Al Malafronte Episode 33 Abby Mueller

#33 – Now Batting: Abby Mueller

In this episode, Abby discusses some of the parallels she sees in high levels of performance both on stage and at the stadium, having grown up in a family that embraced both sports and the arts. Both of her parents were esteemed actors in Chicago’s theatre scene, and ...
Break a Bat Al Malafronte Episode 32 Jackie Burns

#32 – Now Batting: Jackie Burns

Jackie Burns steps into the Batter's Box for Episode 32 with host Al Malafronte, Chris Katzmann (co-creator of Break a Bat!), and Alan Seales (producer). Jackie's phenomenal career on Broadway now spans more than a decade, with credits including Wicked, Hair, and If/Then, and she's also set to ...
Break a Bat Al Malafronte Episode 31 Derek Klena

#31 – Now Batting: Derek Klena

Derek Klena steps into the Batter's Box for Episode 31 of Break a Bat! Derek is currently starring as Nick Healy in Broadway's Jagged Little Pill, and has authored a phenomenal career on stage. In addition to this, he may be one of our podcast's most theme-appropriate guests ...
Break a Bat Al Malafronte Episode 30 Melinda Harrison

#30 – Now Batting: Melinda Harrison

Melinda Harrison steps into the 'remote' Batter's Box with host Al Malafronte and producer Alan Seales for Episode 30 of Break a Bat! ...


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