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Break a Bat!


Hosted by Al Malafronte, this podcast celebrates two of New York City’s greatest fabrics: baseball and theatre. Born out of a passion for both Broadway musicals and triple digit fastballs, we attempt to show that baseball and theatre fans don’t have to live in such separate worlds, and maybe even break some stigmas.

Break a Bat! provides a platform for fans of either medium to hear stories and insight from their favorite performers, whether they’re from the stage, screen, or stadium, through intimate conversations.



#101 - Now Batting: Ben Grieve

#101 – Now Batting: Ben Grieve

With the MLB pennant race in full swing, Ben Grieve steps into The Batter's Box for Episode 101! Gri ...
#100 - Now Batting: Fun in the Making

#100 – Now Batting: Fun in the Making

One. Hundred. Episodes. This week, the two folks that have experienced every second of this show fro ...
#99 - Now Batting: Ethan Slater

#99 – Now Batting: Ethan Slater

It's a Bikini Bottom Day in The Batter's Box, as Ethan Slater joins us for Episode 99! Slater is a T ...
#98 - Now Batting: Carmen Osbahr

#98 – Now Batting: Carmen Osbahr

Another “Muppet Mentor” is stepping into The Batter’s Box, as Carmen Osbahr joins us for Episo ...
#97 - Now Batting: Adam Pascal

#97 – Now Batting: Adam Pascal

Adam Pascal steps into The Batter’s Box for Episode 97! Pascal is widely considered to be one of t ...
#96 - Now Batting: Fran Brill

#96 – Now Batting: Fran Brill

You know it’s a great day in The Batter’s Box when you're talking about The Muppets, the New Yor ...


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