Breaking Broadway Hosted by Kerry Butler

Breaking Broadway


Ever wonder how to break into the business of Broadway? From how to get an agent to how to navigate open calls, we cover it all. This podcast is an insider’s roadmap to making it on Broadway. Hosted by Kerry Butler.

Kerry Butler is a Tony nominated actress who made her Broadway debut in 1993 in Blood Brothers, before starring in shows such as Beauty and the Beast, Les Mis, Hairspray, Little Shop, Xanadu, Rock of Ages, Catch Me If You Can, Disaster!, and Mean Girls. She has numerous on screen credits such as 30 Rock, Cupid, The Mindy Project, Blue Bloods, and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. She was last seen as Barbara Maitland in Beetlejuice on Broadway.

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S2 Ep3 - A New Lens, with Schele Williams

S2 Ep3 – A New Lens, with Schele Williams

In this episode we're joined by Schele Williams, director of the upcoming revival of AIDA. We explore looking at the world and theater through a post-COVID lens, talk about her children’s book Your ...
S2 Ep2 - Learn Your Lessons Well - Part 2, with Kaitlin Hopkins

S2 Ep2 – Learn Your Lessons Well – Part 2, with Kaitlin Hopkins

We continue our interview with Kaitlin Hopkins from Bat Boy fame and currently the head of the Musical Theatre program at Texas State University. In this episode she talks about the mental wellness program ...
S2 Ep1 - Learn Your Lessons Well - Part 1, with Kaitlin Hopkins

S2 Ep1 – Learn Your Lessons Well – Part 1, with Kaitlin Hopkins

Ask and you shall receive! This episode is all about going to college for theater.  Kaitlin Hopkins created the BFA Musical Theatre program at Texas State University, ranked in the top 10 musical theatre ...
Breaking Broadway Ep13 - SING SING SING part 2, with Scott Coulter

S1 Ep13 – SING SING SING Part 2, with Scott Coulter

Turn those no’s into yes’s and make your own work.  Scott Coulter tells us how he started his own company spot-on entertainment, and now produces concerts around the country. He explains how you can use your voice and passion for performing in other ways outside of broadway. Learn how to take control of ...
Breaking Broadway Episode 12 Sierra Boggess BroadwayCon 2020

S1 Ep12 – SING SING SING Part 1, with Sierra Boggess (LIVE from BroadwayCon 2020)

Recorded LIVE at BroadwayCon 2020. Find singing jobs while you wait for your broadway break; or create your own door to broadway through cabaret and concert work.  Sierra is such a positive force in this world! The topic is concert work, but we really discuss finding your purpose, and living ...
Breaking Broadway Episode Episode 11 Todrick Hall

S1 Ep11 – I’m Crazy for You (Tube), with Todrick Hall

This is the episode I have been waiting for. If the doors to Broadway aren’t opening for you, find a window! YouTube sensation Todrick Hall is so inspiring. He talks about how he created his own opportunities using social media. Learn how to make social media open your ...


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