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Matt Koplik is the most opinionated, foul-mouthed, and passionate theatre geek with access to a mic. Every week, Matt and a guest explore Broadway history by diving into the careers of the artists who shaped it. Whether discussing Sondheim and Sweeney or Herman and Dolly, Matt is sure to give you fun facts, deep analysis, and lots of four letter words. Tune in!!


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25 "Conceptual Broadway Boners (w/ Robbie Rozelle)"

25 “Conceptual Broadway Boners (w/ Robbie Rozelle)”

In what may be their gayest episode yet, Matt and John invite cabaret/kickstarter superstar Robbie Rozelle to discuss backstage Patti Lupone stories, the legacy of Marin Mazzie, and the downside of going viral ...
24 "A Movie? Now a Musical? Groundbreaking"

24 “A Movie? Now a Musical? Groundbreaking”

Can you have an opinion on a musical you haven't seen? Damn right! Matt and John dissect the "Sharp Objects" finale, Pretty Woman The Musical and the one Broadway musical Matt has NO time for ...
23 "Be Still Our Beating Vaginas"

23 “Be Still Our Beating Vaginas”

Is Mamma Mia 2 Here We Go Again a masterpiece or a clusterf*ck? Who IS Taylor Swift playing the Cats movie? And how DO you say Amanda Seyfried's name? Matt and John will not rest until these questions are answered on a new Broadway Breakdown ...
22 "Miss Independent: The Kelly Clarkson Musical"

22 “Miss Independent: The Kelly Clarkson Musical”

Matt and John discuss "Head Over Heels," the announcement of Ivo van Hove's "West Side Story" and the new (entirely fictional) Kelly Clarkson jukebox musical!! ...
21 "Why It's Good To Call Out (We Said It!)"

21 “Why It’s Good To Call Out (We Said It!)”

Matt and John discuss the newest writer for The Devil Wears Prada musical, John's loose bones and why Lauren Ambrose doesn't have to do Sunday shows ...
20 "Give Her the Goddamned Award!"

20 “Give Her the Goddamned Award!”

Matt and John discuss this year's Tony telecast, the "My Fair Lady" revival, and why it's important to be good at improvisation at 2 AM ...


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