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Matt Koplik is the most opinionated, foul-mouthed, and passionate theatre geek with access to a mic. Every week, Matt and a guest explore Broadway history by diving into the careers of the artists who shaped it. Whether discussing Sondheim and Sweeney or Herman and Dolly, Matt is sure to give you fun facts, deep analysis, and lots of four letter words. Tune in!!


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8 "Sickening: The Taylor Swift Musical"

8 “Sickening: The Taylor Swift Musical”

In their first late night recording, Matt and John drink whiskey, argue over successful Broadway revivals, and reveal the new jukebox musical "Sickening!" ...
7 "White Men Writing Feminist Musicals (w/ Natalie Walker)"

7 “White Men Writing Feminist Musicals (w/ Natalie Walker)”

Social media siren Natalie Walker sits down with Matt and John to discuss the drunken joys of "Cats the Musical," exciting up and coming musical theatre writers, and elementary school horror stories ...
6 "Getting Slutty with New Microphones"

6 “Getting Slutty with New Microphones”

They're back! A new review leaves Matt and John pondering the quality of their tangents, while Matt teases an upcoming "Jukebox That Musical" and John goes undercover with the mysterious foot fetishist ...
5 "Born This Way: The Lady Gaga Musical"

5 “Born This Way: The Lady Gaga Musical”

Matt and John discuss the Hal Prince revue "Prince of Broadway," the new replacements in "Dear Evan Hansen," and a surprise segment of "Jukebox That Musical" ...
4 "A Little Night Lubing"

4 “A Little Night Lubing”

Matt and John discuss Broadway-themed lubricant, the upcoming 2017-2018 musicals, and offer a final reflection on the mysterious foot fetishist ...
3 "Brunettes: The Musical!"

3 “Brunettes: The Musical!”

Matt and John discuss casting controversy for "The Great Comet," delve deeper with the mysterious foot fetishist, and premiere their new Vanessa Carlton/Michelle Branch jukebox musical "Brunettes!" ...


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