Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

Built For The Stage


Hosted by Joe Rosko. Joe lives his life helping others define their dreams and then chase after them. Built For The Stage is an online fitness program that helps actors match their Broadway talent to a new Broadway body. Through @builtforthestage, Joe has come across so many inspiring stories of how actors went through the peaks and valleys of a career in “the business” and how they finally ended up on a Broadway Stage.


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Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#37 – Chris Rice

Christopher Rice / @chrisriceny joins us on episode 37 to chat about his time with PRETTY WOMAN THE MUSICAL. Chris made his Broadway debut in BOOK OF MORMON. We chat about all things Broadway, how actors can successfully market themselves in the midst of a career in theatre, ...
Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#36 – Jacob Haren

Jacob Haren / @jacobdharen can be seen 8 times a week in Broadway's BOOK OF MORMON. Jacob is a seasoned vet in the show and can share some insight on how he continues to make performances fun and fresh. He also happens to be a Disney junkie and ...
Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#35 – Elyse Niederee

Elyse Niederee / @elyseniederee recenlyt made her Broadway debut in KING KONG. We chat about that exciting experience and the unique way she was brought into the show. She also just happened to make her debut during the recent NYC blackout. Elyse is a certified yoga instructor and ...
Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#34 – Bradley Gibson

"Bradley Gibson / @bradgibson13 is currently playing Simba in THE LION KING on Broadway. Brad shares his experiences playing the iconic Disney role, some new original music he's been working on, and more!   ...
Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#33 – Giuseppe Bausilio

Giuseppe Bausilio / @giuseppebausilio is currently playing Charles Lee in HAMILTON on Broadway. Giuseppe shares how growing up with ballet dancers for parents, he danced for six to seven hours a day as a child. All that training paid off when he was discovered at a dance competition ...
Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#32 – Krystina Alabado

Krystina Alabado / @krystinaalabado is currently playing as Gretchen Wieners in MEAN GIRLS on Broadway. Krystina chats about her time with the plastics, tips on making self-tapes, as well as her approach on mentally focusing/centering herself before an audition or show ...