Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

Built For The Stage


Hosted by Joe Rosko. Joe lives his life helping others define their dreams and then chase after them. Built For The Stage is an online fitness program that helps actors match their Broadway talent to a new Broadway body. Through @builtforthestage, Joe has come across so many inspiring stories of how actors went through the peaks and valleys of a career in “the business” and how they finally ended up on a Broadway Stage.


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Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#58 – Afra Hines

"Afra Hines / @afrahines joins us on BFTS Podcast in the midst of her 8th Broadway show! Afra is currently in the ensemble of Hadestown. She joins guest host, Kevin Jaeger, to chat about her experience growing as a performer thoughout her career, how to maintain your physical ...
Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#57 – Michael Mott

Michael Mott / @michael_mott is a NYC based lyricist/composer who as of late, has been leaving his mark in the industry. We chat about the journey of creating a show from inception to production, having some of Broadway's biggest names sing his material, and jokingly plan to book ...
Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#56 – Tommy Bracco

Tommy Bracco / @tommybracco joins us from BroadwayCon with guest hosts, Kevin Jaeger and Kimberly Cooper Schmidt from the BPN podcast, Broadwaysted. Tommy talks about his time on Big Brother, his fitness journey, and just shares a ton of laughs with the crowd at BroadwayCon! ...
Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#55 – Destinee Rea

Destinee Rea / @destineerea joins us from the cast of Tina on Broadway! This episode was guest hosted by BFTS FAM, Kevin Jaeger! She talks about the physicality required of her in Tina, her favorite workouts songs, and more! ...
Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#54 – Kimberly Cooper Schmidt & Kevin Jaeger

Kimberly Cooper Schmidt / @kimbercoops & Kevin Jaegar / @jaegerkev join us on BFTS Podcast! They are not only BPN Fam but, BFTS Fam as well! We talk about fitness journies, Broadway podcasting, and we honestly believe this is one of those most applicable, tangible episodes to date! ...
Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#53 – Dana Steingold

Dana Steingold / @dsteinface joins from the cast of Beetlejuice on Broadway! Dana shares with us her experience being involved with Beetlejuice all the way back to its first reading, her journey to Broadway, keeping mental health in check, and more!  ...



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