Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

Built For The Stage


Hosted by Joe Rosko. Joe lives his life helping others define their dreams and then chase after them. Built For The Stage is an online fitness program that helps actors match their Broadway talent to a new Broadway body. Through @builtforthestage, Joe has come across so many inspiring stories of how actors went through the peaks and valleys of a career in “the business” and how they finally ended up on a Broadway Stage.


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Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#52 – Elliott Mattox

Elliott Mattox / @elliottmattox joins us from the Broadway cast of Beetlejuice. We talk gourmet baking, know what makes you special in the audition room, as well as his podcast, Equity One. www.builtforthestage.com - Schedule your free trial today! www.broadwaypodcastnetwork.com ...
Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#51 – Anthony Festa & Emily Bautista

Anthony Festa / @festafied & Emily Bautista / @em_bautista are currently traveling the country in Miss Saigon playing the lead characters of Chris and Kim. Anthony and Emily are both BFTS Fam and both amazing people. We got to spend some time with them later on in New ...
Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#50 – Ian Paget

Ian Paget / @ianpaget_ talks about the current out of town production of BLISS that is heading to Seattle, his journey of rebranding himself in the midst of his career, and how he overcame a serious back injury earlier in his career ...
Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#49 – Jake Boyd

Jake Boyd / @jaykeboid is currently on Broadway playing Fiyero in Wicked. Jake talks to us about training, new works he's been involved with, as well as what being in this iconic show that he grew up on means to him ...
Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#48 – Kayla Davion

Kayla Davion / @kayladavion is appearing in her third Broadway show after very recently graduating from Ball State with a degree in Musical Theatre. We talk about the recent opening of TINA on Broadway and her experiences understudying such an iconic music star. Kayla shares a vulnerable story ...
Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#47 – Lauren Boyd

Lauren Boyd / @laurenmboyd is currently performing in Hamilton on Broadway. She shares a story of how serving the elderly lead her to founding the outreach, "Broadway Babes." Tune to hear how Lauren not only shares her talents on stage but, also how she shares herself with our ...



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