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Built For The Stage is a family of actors located across the globe with the common goal of bettering their fitness so that their abilities on stage can come to complete fruition. Through @builtforthestage, Joe Rosko has come across many inspiring stories of how actors went through the peaks and valleys of a career in “the business” and how they finally ended up on a Broadway Stage. To try a free trial, visit www.builtforthestage.com.


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Built For The Stage Podcast - #79 - Terence Archie

#79 – Terence Archie

Terence Archie / @terencearchie chatted with us about his time playing Apollo Creed in Rocky on Broadway, his time in waiting during the pandemic as his current show Company on Broadway is paused, and a few other topics definitely worth a listen for ...
Built For The Stage Podcast - #78 - Susie Carroll

#78 – Susie Carroll

Susie Carroll / @susiecarroll was recently seen as a vacation swing at Broadway's, The Prom and suddenly, in two weeks time, took a hop, skip, and a jump to Mean Girls on Broadway. Susie shares about her year long journey of simultaneously swinging two shows on Broadway ...
Built For The Stage Podcast - #77 - Dan Lauria

#77 – Dan Lauria

Dan Lauria / @realdanlauria joins us to talk about his experience playing Vince Lombardi in the Broadway play, Lombardi. We also get to hear stories about his time starring in the famous TV series, The Wonder Years, his take on auditioning, how he got his start in acting, ...
Built For The Stage Podcast - #76 - Michael Midlin

#76 – Michael Midlin

Michael Mindlin / @mindlin_choreo joins us to chat BRING IT ON in our series, "Fitness on the Broadway Stage." We also chat a bit about Michael's role as the dance supervisor for HAMILTON, the stresses of conducting online classes, and inspiring conversation about the simplicity of putting the ...
Built For The Stage Podcast - #75 - Shonica Gooden

#75 – Shonica Gooden

Shonica Gooden / @shonica joins us to talk all things BRING IT ON, Broadway babies, and her story starting out her career where she didn't even want to do musical theatre! ...
Built For The Stage Podcast - #74 - Vince Oddo

#74 – Vince Oddo

Vince Oddo / @vinceoddo talks to us about his Broadway debut in ROCKY and how he volunteered his way into a career in stunt work ...


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