Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

Built For The Stage


Built For The Stage is a family of actors located across the globe with the common goal of bettering their fitness so that their abilities on stage can come to complete fruition. Through @builtforthestage, Joe Rosko has come across many inspiring stories of how actors went through the peaks and valleys of a career in “the business” and how they finally ended up on a Broadway Stage. To try a free trial, visit www.builtforthestage.com.


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Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#11 – Ben Jeffrey – LION KING

Ben Jeffrey has currently played Pumbaa in The Lion King on Broadway for 9 years now. He shares a story about his move to NYC and how having no plans turned out to be the best plan of all. Tune in to this episode to also hear Ben ...
Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#10 – Jennifer Noble – KING KONG

@thejennoble is currently in King Kong on Broadway. Here’s a fun list: Gene Kelly, M&M’s, finding your worth, throwing towels at a Knicks’ game, learning how the magic of making King Kong come to life works, and going on as the lead for the first time in King ...
Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#9 – James Brown III – HARRY POTTER / FROZEN

On this episode we chatted with @jamesbrowniii via phone call while he was all the way over in Australia! Tune in to hear some Harry Potter talk, fashion, performing with Michael Jackson and more! www.builtforthestage.com www.jamesbrowniii.com BROADWAY: HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD FROZEN HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS ...
Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#8 – Kyle Matthew Hamilton – SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS

@kylematthewhamilton goes from pro skateboarder to debuting in his first Broadway show via a short birthday video for Spongebob The Musical’s director, Tina Landau. Well, it wasn’t that easy...it took some practice, along side 11 year olds in tap class. www.builtforthestage.com www.kylematthewhamilton.com BROADWAY: SpongeBob SquarePants The Musical ...
Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#7- Christine Cornish Smith – KISS ME KATE / CATS

Take a journey with CCS on this episode through Texas, Cincinnati, India, and now NYC. On this journey, Christine talks about her plants, wipe-outs during silent moments on the Broadway stage, and a handful of stories of how @christinecornish used grit, humor, and a life-long, student-like mindset to ...
Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#6 – Adam Perry – FROZEN

This episode with @adammperry is overflowing with inspiring comeback stories from his career on and off the Broadway stage. Adam has graced The Great White Way seven times, and has garnered a reputation as one of Broadway's most assiduous and handsome, dancing ensemble members. However, don't get his ...


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