Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

Built For The Stage


Hosted by Joe Rosko. Joe lives his life helping others define their dreams and then chase after them. Built For The Stage is an online fitness program that helps actors match their Broadway talent to a new Broadway body. Through @builtforthestage, Joe has come across so many inspiring stories of how actors went through the peaks and valleys of a career in “the business” and how they finally ended up on a Broadway Stage.


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Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#3 – Sharone Sayegh

@sharonesayegh talks peaks of The Band’s Visit, valleys of struggles in her career, and amazing audition advice for any listeners out there in the biz. She talks about saying she could skate in her audition for The Band’s Visit, when really it should have been more of a, ...
Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#2 – Matt Gibson

In this episode we talk with @mrmattgibson about kicking Laura Benanti in Gypsy starring Patti LuPone. Conspiracy theories of Finian’s Rainbow and Toy Story. Matt talks fitness and what keeps him going during the daily grind of being an actor ...
Built For The Stage Hosted by Joe Rosko

#1 – Ian Paget

@ianpaget_ talks Broadway shows, movies, heroes, childhood Invisalign, the fear of possibly getting fired during his Broadway debut, Jay-Z, and a few fitness things here and there. Thanks @ianpaget_ for being on Episode 1! www.builtforthestage.com www.ipaget.com ...

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