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“Buzzed Broadway” is Broadway’s drunkest podcast. Conceived and hosted by Amanda Harrington and Sam St. Jean, the two attempt to out-drink each other each week while discussing one of Broadway’s best musicals. Amanda and Sam are lifelong best friends, so once the liquor gets flowing, the jokes get going! Drink along from the comfort of your own home or laugh at the absurdity on your way to work. Buzzed Broadway is packed with comedy, trivia, showtunes, and of course: booze!



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Buzzed Broadway

Episode 24: White Christmas

Season’s greetings from Buzzed Broadway! We’re bringing you holiday cheer for our Season 2 finale with Irving Berlin’s WHITE CHRISTMAS! Amanda and Sam breakdown the magic of the original film and the timelessness of Berlin’s music. Most importantly: What happens when White Christmas gets performed in the dead ...
Buzzed Broadway

Episode 23: Oklahoma! featuring Rachel Pantazis and Andrew Burton Kelley

“We know we belong to the land, and the land we belong to is—“ well, it’s just okay... That’s right, it’s OKLAHOMA! Amanda and Sam bring on their two college classmates and friends Rachel Pantazis and Andrew Burton Kelley to discuss Rodgers and Hammerstein’s premiere collaboration. Pantazis and ...
Buzzed Broadway

Episode 22: Rent!

“No day but today!” That’s right... Buzzed Broadway is talking all things RENT! This cult rock classic became a global phenomenon and always felt like the big, bad, adult musical when Amanda and Sam were growing up. The two discuss Jonathan Larson’s beautifully tragic story, play trivia all ...
Buzzed Broadway

Episode 21: [title of show]

We’re dedicating this episode to all the [tos]sers out there! It’s [title of show]! As the show that shaped Amanda and Sam’s young theatrical comedy chops, [title of show] became a cult classic as they chronicled their own creation from inception to opening on Broadway! Hear your hosts ...
Buzzed Broadway

BONUS: It’s A Thanksgiving Special!

SURPRISE! It’s our first bonus episode! The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade may look a little different this year so Amanda and Sam are taking a stroll down memory lane to give you Buzzed Broadway’s Top 5 Macy’s Parade Broadway Performances of All Time! Catch the parade on Thursday November 26 9am-Noon only ...
Buzzed Broadway

Episode 20: Annie! featuring Taryn Herman

“It’s the hard-knock life...” BUT NOT FOR US! This week Buzzed Broadway sits down with director-choreographer Taryn Herman to discuss Broadway’s brassiest orphan: ANNIE! Amanda, Sam, and Taryn discuss how Annie became a theatrical classic before answering the age old question: 1982 Annie or 1999 Annie? Buckle up ...


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