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Cause an Effect with Sheri Sanders


Cause an Effect is a podcast series hosted by Sheri Sanders where she skillfully seasons the ALWAYS hard conversations with laughter, thoughtfulness, and tons of tools for change. Sheri was inspired to create Cause an Effect to share her experience innovating Pop/Rock Musical Theatre performance techniques, with 86 musical theatre programs, over the last 10 years, while navigating a diagnosis of Complex-PTSD. Through interviews with innovators from every facet of the theater industry, live coachings, and pearls of wisdom only Sheri can imbue, Cause an Effect will offer tons of creative inspiration during an unprecedented moment in time.


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S2/Ep 4: The CARE Coalition's DNA Branch

S2/Ep 4: The CARE Coalition’s DNA Branch

Meet the DNA Branch of Millikin CARE! Disability, Neurodivergence and Accessibility is literally what DNA STANDS FOR ...
S2/Ep 3: Broadway, College, and Disordered Eating

S2/Ep 3: Broadway, College, and Disordered Eating

This entire year, Rock The Audition built the CARE COALITION (Creatives for Artistic and Realistic Equity) with both Oklahoma City University, and Millikin University. While leading our Mental Health initiatives, we also launched a brand new branch, BE, The Body Empowerment branch ...
S2/Ep 2: The AAPI Experience // Transracial Adoptees Part 2

S2/Ep 2: The AAPI Experience // Transracial Adoptees Part 2

At 5:30 PM on Tuesday RTA Member Jenna Mee Dosch sat down with therapist Rachel Forbes on Cause an Effect to open up the first of many conversations with AAPI members of the theater community and mental health community. After they completed our interview, we found out about ...
S2/Ep 1: Meet The RTA Team Part 1

S2/Ep 1: Meet The RTA Team Part 1

Mary and the RTA Team here with some exciting happenings! We are thrilled to launch Rock The Audition’s #PASSSTHEMIC Podcast Season on the Broadway Podcast Network! Last season Sheri’s Podcast, Cause an Effect, introduced industry members in open conversation about their mental health and the emotional wellness of ...
Cause An Effect - Episode 7 with The CARE Coalition: CARE and Care Alike

Episode 7 with The CARE Coalition: CARE and Care Alike

I have always been marginalized, but NEVER alone in the margins. When I created a Coalition as a part of the launch of my Second Edition, it immediately asked the question: "What if we all helped each other out of the margins? What if the disability community lifted ...
Cause an Effect - Episode 6 with Musical Theatre Educators' Alliance (MTEA): Your Teachers

Episode 6 with Musical Theatre Educators’ Alliance (MTEA): Your Teachers

MTEA is the Musical Theatre Educators' Alliance. These people are not only my siblings, but they are here to change college culture-because the teachers and facilitators of these MT programs are raising the future of Musical Theatre in the middle of a pandemic. When I interviewed them, It ...

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