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Curtain Call Theatre Podcast


From the dresser in the wings to the A-list star in the dressing room; from the writer at the desk to the producer in the office; from the musician in the pit to the sound mixer at the back of the stalls…hear what it really takes to make a show happen and immerse yourself into the world of theatre across London’s West End and beyond. Experience life backstage as you never have before with unparalleled access to the shows you know and love and new productions on the scene. Hosted by John Schwab and Matt Humphrey.




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061 – Gender with Brian Logan and Lucy J Skilbeck

This week's podcast is all about gender, a hot topic both in the news headlines and the arts world currently. It features a conversation with Camden People's Theatre (CPT) artistic director Brian Logan and acclaimed writer/director Lucy J Skilbeck ...
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060 – Reece Shearsmith, the Assistant Hangman

Reece Shearsmith celebrated a birthday this past weekend, and I thought we’d help him celebrate by bringing you a little chat we had with him when he was appearing in Hangmen at The Royal Court. Reece played the character of Syd, the stammering ex-assistant to David Morrissey’s ex-hangman ...
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059 – The Follow Spot

Bat Out of Hell The Musical starts just like it’s title, and doesn’t stop all evening. I have rarely been to a musical that kicks the door down with a wall of sound as big as it does here, and then carries on. Big props to the sound ...


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