Do You Hear The People Sing podcast

Do You Hear The People Sing?


This podcast that speaks to activists within the Broadway community in hopes of inspiring a whole new generation of them and getting them to jump into action for the 2020 election and beyond.

What is one of the most valuable armies that any Democratic Presidential or Congressional Candidate doesn’t realize they have? The theatre community. Hordes of passionate and talented humans who have the freelance schedule to actively work deeper on campaigns than most other Americans can afford. Spokespeople who can hit the ground running and back a candidate’s platform with the unique artistic voice they’ve been gifted.

This 10 show podcast will be the most informative guidebook for anyone who’s ever asked, ” How do I get started?”

The podcast is split into two parts. Each week, the listener gets “To Plan” and “To Inspire.”

  • The “To Plan” section offers listeners a new plan of attack each week in helping the 2020 elections. On top of the plan, they will receive the tools and insight to make it as productive as possible.
  • The “To Inspire” section offers up a new Broadway Celebrity weekly who also has deep roots in activism. They will tell their story on how activism became a part of their lives, why it’s so important to them, great moments working on things greater than themselves and advice to those who want to get involved.

Hosted by Eric Ulloa.



Do You Hear The People Sing podcast

Episode 6: Black Theatre Coalition

In the midst of a country on fire and stress at an all time high, this week, we’re looking to the helpers.  We’re looking to those carving a path towards a more equitable tomorrow. The Black Theatre Coalition is an organization dedicated to shattering the "illusion of inclusion" by building a sustainable ...
Do You Hear The People Sing podcast

Episode 5: Family Talks

How do you change hearts and minds within your own family to make them see the awful presidency of Donald Trump? How do you take care of your own hearts and minds when your family has decided to back Donald Trump again and you feel as if you have nothing ...
Do You Hear The People Sing podcast

Episode 4: Voter Registration

In the midst of a pandemic where Donald Trump and the GOP will find any way to contest or rig the election, the blue wave we crush them with has to be massive, we're talking tsunami. How do we do this? We put our theatre person/activist voice to use and register as ...
Do You Hear The People Sing podcast

Episode 3: Fundraising

What is the one thing campaigns are always in desperate need of? Money ...
Do You Hear The People Sing podcast

Episode 2: Protesting / Dear White American Theatre

This week, Eric Ulloa takes you through a form of activism that was also the very spark that began the birth of America... Protesting.  ...
Do You Hear The People Sing podcast

Episode 1: Why Activism?

On the inaugural episode of this limited series, host Eric Ulloa asks: "Why activism? And more so, why the theatre community?" His first guest, Javier Muñoz (“Hamilton", "In the Heights"), helps answer why theatre people are so uniquely skilled to help create a “blue wave” election in November ...


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