Equity One: Broadway’s Happy Hour


Relax and enjoy a cocktail as our hosts Elliott Mattox and Caleb Dicke chat, laugh and play games with some of our favorite Broadway artists! Just like catching up with a friend between shows, join us for your Equity One!

Elliott Mattox and Caleb Dicke were roommates all four years of college. Through years of living and working together – they’re still best friends. On Equity One: Broadway’s Happy Hour, the boys sit down to chat with some of the biggest names on Broadway to learn more about them in a casual, fun, light-hearted setting. We’ll have some cocktails, play some games, and laugh a lot. Join us for YOUR Equity One!


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Equity One Episode 45 Guest Alex Timbers

Ep. 45: Beetlejuice Haunts Equity One! with Alex Timbers

We couldn't contain our October takeover to just October! We had to extend into November to close out with our very special guest - the director of Beetlejuice, Alex Timbers! We talk his teenage public access show, experimental theatre, "downtown theatre with an uptown sensibility" and much more! ...
Equity One Episode 44 Swings of Beetlejuice

Ep. 44: Beetlejuice Haunts Equity One! with the Swings of Beetlejuice! (Will Blum, Natalie Charle Ellis, Brooke Engen & Sean Montgomery)

The haunting continues as we speak to the super heroes of Beetlejuice, our swings - Will Blum, Natalie Charle Ellis, Brooke Engen, and Sean Montgomery! We hear about each of them and their journey to Broadway. We also hear about the ins and outs of being an offstage ...
Equity One Ep 43 Beetlejuice Connor Gallagher and Nancy Renee Braun

Ep. 43: Beetlejuice Haunts Equity One! with Connor Gallagher & Nancy Renee Braun (Choreographers)

This week, our haunting from Beetlejuice continues with Connor Gallagher and Nancy Renee Braun, the team behind the choreography of Beetlejuice, the Musical! We chat about transitioning from dancer to choreographer, what it takes to get a job as a choreographer, the dynamic of a team and Burning ...
Equity One Episode 42 Guest Matt DiCarlo

Ep. 42: Beetlejuice Haunts Equity One! with Matt DiCarlo, Production Stage Manager

This week, the Beetlejuice MANIA continues with our interview with Matt DiCarlo, the Production Stage Manager of Beetlejuice on Broadway! He talks through the responsibilities, challenges and rewards of being a Broadway stage manager, as well as how that led to a directing career! If you wanna know ...
Equity One Ep 41 Guest Leslie Kritzer

Ep. 41: Beetlejuice Haunts Equity One! with Leslie Kritzer

We're continuing our Beetlejuice haunting by talking with the actress behind Broadway's favorite crystal-hoarding life coach, Leslie Kritzer! We talk about growing up Jersey, college experiences, Broadway shows falling through and much more. We of course touch on her amazing portrayal of Delia in Beetlejuice. Special guests include: ...
Equity One - Eddie Perfect

Ep. 40: Beetlejuice Haunts Equity One! with Eddie Perfect

For the month of October, the show with the ghost with the most is taking over! We're starting off our SpOoKy takeover by chatting with Mr. Perfect himself - Eddie Perfect! The Tony nominated composer/lyricist sits down to chat about differences between Australia and the States, what two ...