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“Gettin Peggy Wit It” is an interview podcast where Peggy learns all about the things she already knows. She asks the hard hitting questions you never knew you needed answered (and probably didn’t have the balls to ask). Interviewing today‘s “Broadway Stars”, designers, and creative types alike, Peggy does as little research about her guests as possible. Listen as Peggy navigates the modern world with a 50’s sensibility. Donning her saddle shoes and gingham dress, she will dive into the world of your favorite performers as only Peggy can.

Listener discretion advised.

*The views of Peggy are for sure not associated with anything or anyone at the Broadway Podcast Network, we aren’t actually sure who gave her a microphone, but here we are. ENJOY!



Gettin Peggy Wit It Episode 7 Eden Espinosa

#7 – Eden Espinosa: Can You Teach an Old, OLD Dog New Tricks?

She’s a member of the old guard, you know, when broadway singers used to really sing! Too bad someone can’t pronounce HER name wrong on National tv ...
Getting Peggy Wit It #6 - Tommy Bracco: The Chosen Gay

#6 – Tommy Bracco: The Chosen Gay

Tommy Bracco is so sweet! This former newsboy and big brother is single and ready to mingle, and by single I mean unemployed. He’ll do backflips for pizza. And he’s totally not in the mob! (wink) ...
Gettin Peggy Wit It - #5 - Lilli Cooper: Chuck Cooper’s daughter is pretty fun!

#5 – Lilli Cooper: Chuck Cooper’s daughter is pretty fun!

I’ve interviewed a lot of Tony losers, and Lili Cooper just joined the club! She’s been on broadway since she was in diapers, and somehow hasn’t had a mental breakdown. Life is long. Could still happen ...
Gettin Peggy Wit It #4 - Brandon Uranowitz: Three Swings, Three Misses

#4 – Brandon Uranowitz: Three Swings, Three Misses

Brandon shows what it’s like to rise above adversity . He’s made being a loser cool! He’s so brave. Catch him while you can, his shows close QUICK! Or in his upcoming one man show at 54 Below called “Just Judith” ...
Gettin Peggy Wit It - #3 - Bonnie Milligan: Bonnie for Congress

#3 – Bonnie Milligan: Bonnie for Congress

She was the standout in that GoGo’s show, and she’s Broadway’s only hope! I want to cast her in every role but Ellyn says I can’t... Let’s find out if she has a head voice ...
Gettin Peggy Wit It #2 - Ariana DeBose: She’s Puerto Rican Now

#2 – Ariana DeBose: Making My Part Important. A Bullet Story.

She’s been a season, a bullet, a stunter and a standby, but this Tony loser is movin' on up to the silver screen. We’ll see if it sticks ...


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