Guys Who Like Musicals

Guys Who Like Musicals


Hosts Dan Tracy and Joe Carroll are both guys who… (you guessed it) like musicals. We breakdown all things Broadway with weekly unscripted interviews. We’re not just fans, we’ve got 6 Broadway credits between us – So we know our sh*t. Looking for a candid weekly Broadway podcast giving you a lighthearted, no-BS look at the Great Way Way? Dying for a peek into the lives of Gavin Creel, Shoshana Bean, Patti Murin, Alex Brightman, Ashley Park, and many more? Unsure how to help your kid accomplish their dreams and get on Broadway?  We talk with your favorite stars about how they got their start. Check out our archive today!

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Guys Who Like Musicals

We Love Courtney Reed

We are so grateful that the OG Jasmine is with us this week!! Kirsten Dunst had done a million movies and Courtney Reed felt like she was behind. ALADDIN star Courtney Reed is truly a jack of all trades. She's an entrepreneur (check out Gagged Chokers), and a ...
Guys Who Like Musicals

JINGLE JANGLE writer Davy Nathan

Our guest, Davy Nathan, collarborated with Bruno Mars' right hand man, Phillip Lawrence, on the songs for Jangle. It was his first movie, his first musical, his first movie-musical, and we certainly hope it's not his last. As a songwriter, producer, pianist and musical director, whose work was ...
Guys Who Like Musicals

We Love Ragtime and Christiane Noll

“A day of peace.A day of pride.A day of justice. We have been denied. Let the new day dawn, Oh, Lord, I pray ...
Guys Who Like Musicals

We Love Chicago and Tyler Hanes

Have you seen cell block tango recently?!?!? POP, SQUISH, CICERO... Let's GO CHICAGO!! Arguably the best movie musical of all time (feel free to fight us).. We love Chicago. Dan and Joe danced in the ensemble of CHICAGO in college and they were BAD. But that's okay. We're ...
Guys Who Like Musicals

We love Into the Woods

Hey friends, no one is alone.... I WISH .. there wasn't a pandemic. But that's not what we're talking about this week. This week we're talking about INTO THE WOODS!! We're so grateful that our friend and casting director extraordinaire, Benton Whitley is with us to talk about his ...
Guys Who Like Musicals

We Love ONCE

"And I love her so." We REALLY love the show this week. Joe's Broadway debut and favorite show ever, ONCE: THE MUSICAL. If you need a good cry you can check out the John Carney film on Amazon and iTunes. We relive Joe's glory days in the 2012 ...


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