The Ensemblist miniseries, HURT & HEALING, takes an honest look into actors’ injuries, recoveries and the stigma that comes from not being able to be your best onstage.


The Ensemblist Ep 195 Hurt and Healing

#195 – Hurt and Healing (feat. Alicia Charles)

Alicia Charles is currently twirling, gliding and tapping her way through Agrabah as part of the ensemble of Aladdin on Broadway. Although she made her debut in the show in early 2017, she was sidelined early into her tenure there when she underwent surgery to remove uterine fibroids ...
The Ensemblist Ep 192 Hurt and Healing

#192 – Hurt and Healing (feat. Taurean Everett)

Taurean Everett made a splash last season in the ensemble of The Cher Show. He brought the house down as Bob Mackie’s Assistant by wearing only a loincloth and a beaming smile. Taurean was also the lead campaign image for this year’s edition of Broadway Bares. It goes ...
The Ensemblist Ep 188 Hurt & Healing

#188 – Hurt and Healing (feat. Jōvan Dansberry)

Jovan Dansberry made his Broadway debut last season in the ensemble of King Kong. Performing both as one of the show’s dancers and as the manipulator of Kong’s left paw proved to be a monumental challenge, one that took him out of the show for months and ultimately ...
#186 - Hurt and Healing (feat. Caissie Levy)

#186 – Hurt and Healing (feat. Caissie Levy)

As performers, our bodies are our instruments. We use our physical beings to create sounds, embody characters and tell stories. So when that physical instrument is suffering, how does that affect a performers’ artistry? And, perhaps more importantly, what does it do to a performer’s psyche when they ...


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