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At the heart of any great story is a powerhouse duo. Valjean and Javert, Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett, Hamilton and Burr, Andrew Lloyd Webber and small cats, and now, our hosts: Jimi Mitchell and Tommy Nolan – your very own star-crossed musical theatre nerds. One from Scotland, one from Chicago. Both united in their love for all things musical theatre. They’ve come together to offer you a sip of everything you need to quench your musical theatre thirst.

This transatlantic podcast offers two separate perspectives into the wonderful world of musical theatre. Jimi and Tommy may live far away from the bright lights of Broadway and London’s West End, but they represent the massive community of musical theatre fans who live on a diet of cast recordings and regional theatre. They hope to share their passion with their fellow nerds, closet nerds and wannabe nerds.

With this podcast, they want to offer something a little different – each episode will explore the story of a different musical, delving deep into the show’s history and looking at the wider social context surrounding it. As Jimi and Tommy dive into some of your favourite shows, as well as shining the spotlight on some hidden gems, they invite you to learn something new whilst having a gay ol’ time.

If you’re new here, the boys recommend you pick your favourite show and listen to the episode about that!

So, get ready to sit back, relax, and indulge in a large glass of Jim & Tomic’s Musical Theatre Happy Hour.



The Overtures Quiz

The Overtures Quiz

This is the summary for our overtures quiz! ...
Happy Hour #27: A Christmas Podcast - ‘A Christmas Story’

Happy Hour #27: A Christmas Podcast – ‘A Christmas Story’

Happy holidays everybody! To celebrate, we’re chatting about one of Broadway’s newest Christmas stories, “A Christmas Story” - the adaptation of the cult American classic. The lads talk all about the differences between US and UK Christmas movies, the glory of Pasek and Paul and work out what ...
Happy Hour #26: An Oklahoma Hoedown - ‘Oklahoma!’

Happy Hour #26: An Oklahoma Hoedown – ‘Oklahoma!’

Jimi and Tommy talk about Rodgers and Hammerstein’s record-breaking debut, ‘Oklahoma!’ The gang discuss where the show fits in a contemporary setting, the importance of narrative choreography and the birth of the two most important names in musical theatre history! ...
Happy Hour #25: Some Matilda Malarkey – ‘Matilda: The Musical’

Happy Hour #25: Some Matilda Malarkey – ‘Matilda: The Musical’

Grab your library books and keep an eye on that newt! This week we're chatting up the nuvo-West End show “Matilda: The Musical.” We discuss stellar child actors, British and US dialectical differences, the fabulous Bertie Carvel and the marvels of childhood ...
Happy Hour #24: A New World Whirl – ‘Songs for a New World’

Happy Hour #24: A New World Whirl – ‘Songs for a New World’

Set sail with us as we explore Jason Robert Brown's early song cycle, “Songs for a New World.” We talk the contentious differences between Revues, Musicals and Song Cycles, kvetch about the “Contemporary Musical Theatre Song” and ruminate on misplaced production concepts ...
Bonus Episode! Our Trip to See The Great Comet

Bonus Episode! Our Trip to See The Great Comet

Jimi and Tommy have returned from their adventure into the heart of 19th Century Russia and are ready to tell you all about it. Check out our exclusive interview with musical director Or Matias and music supervisor Sonny Paladino, hear our opinions on all of the cast and ...


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