Musicals with Cheese


Jess is a Musical Theatre expert, Andrew knows nothing about the Musical Theater world. Listen to hear the hilarity ensue as fresh eyes analyze musicals old & new.

Hosted by Jesse McAnally, Andrew DeWolf, and Brianna Jones.


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#21: Wicked

#21: Wicked

No one mourns the wicked! This week Jess & Andrew tackle Stephen Schwartz's Broadway sensation"Wicked." The duo compare the show to the original Oz film and L Frank Baum Novels, add context for the political commentary of the day, chat about which songs are the most impactful and ...
Musicals With Cheese #20: “Mary Poppins Returns”

#20: “Mary Poppins Returns”

In this especially cheesy episode of Musicals with Cheese, Jess & Andrew cover the recent sequel to Disney's classic Mary Poppins-- Mary Poppins Returns. In this episode Jess and Andrew discuss the reasons why the sequel could never quite be as good, talk about the 90's film trope ...
#19: "Mary Poppins"

#19: “Mary Poppins”

A Spoonful of Podcast makes the workday go down! Take a listen to Jess & Andrew talking about the Walt Disney classic "Mary Poppins." The two discuss why the show has such a long-lasting impression despite the years in between, the modern trend of Disney remaking all their ...
Musicals With Cheese #18: Andrew Guesses Musicals Part II

#18: Andrew Guesses Musicals Part II

This week Jess and Andrew play a game--- where Jesse gives Andrew a title of a REAL MUSICAL and Andrew has to guess the plot. Hilarity ensues! ...
Musicals With Cheese #17: “Dear Evan Hansen”

#17: “Dear Evan Hansen”

Dear Evan Hansen, we've been way too out of touch! Jess & Andrew are covering the incredibly controversial musical entitled "Dear Evan Hansen," where they spend most of the podcast episode being very angry about the plot content of Dear Evan Hansen. Seriously, they get incredibly angry about ...
BONUS: "A Christmas Carol" by Jess & Andrew

BONUS: “A Christmas Carol” by Jess & Andrew

In this BONUS episode Jess & Andrew reenact Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" from beginning to en ...


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