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LIVE! Every Sunday on @BroadwayBlack Youtube/Facebook/Twitter at 6 PM EST! Go into the world of black theatre artists on this weekly podcast with a theatre journalist, an actress, & a playwright. Drew Shade, Kim Exum, & Ngozi Anyanwu are your hosts and they will most certainly be Off Book.


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Annnnnnnddddd We're Back!

Annnnnnnddddd We’re Back!

It's a brand new episode! We know you've been waiting! Listen in as Drew sits down with two Off Book newbies, costume designer Ramaj Jamar and actor/playwright York Walker. The 3 of them sit down and talk about what's new in their lives, Broadway Sessions, what they thought ...
The Best of Off Book!

The Best of Off Book!

It's a new season! Off Book is back and ready to hit its mark! Just to remind you of all the goodness that we've experienced over the last few years we've compiled clips from our favorite and most talked about moments on the show. Get into this 'Best ...
Fire in the Bootyhole

Fire in the Bootyhole

It's the end of an era some would say or the beginning of something new. Listen in as the original crew hits their mark for the last time with Chris, the engineer. They also discuss Cythina & Harriet, The Drifters Girl, and how to get back into the ...
It's Always Something

It’s Always Something

It's that time again! This week Drew is joined by actor Eric R. Williams, artist Keyon Monte, & producer/actor Michael Oloyede. Listen in as they go off book on topics from theatre etiquette, trauma porn, new experiences, & 'one gotta go!' Its a jammed pack episode of news, ...
Coconut Oil for the Soul

Coconut Oil for the Soul

This week Donja & Amber are joined by the ever so vibrant Ianne Fields Stewart. They all hit their mark and talk about oiling up your soul, a little Aretha, + a little 'One in Two' discount code tucked in there for you. Get into it! Go into ...


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