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For years, younger artists have spent countless hours looking through Broadway blogs, vlogs, and podcasts for advice on how they can get on Broadway and connect with all of the talented artists who contribute worldwide to the success of musical theatre. 

Starting during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Real Talk host Mason Bray has gathered 50+ interviews with theatre professionals to get information on the many different ways to break into the industry, to connect you to theatre professionals everywhere, and most of all; to bring us together as peers and friends to talk about our love for the arts.

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Ep. 205 - BROADWAY TALKS with a General Manager - Matthew Herrmann

Ep. 205 – BROADWAY TALKS with a General Manager – Matthew Herrmann

Today I continue the Broadway Talks episode type! This week I interview Matthew Herrmann who is an independent producer and the General Manager of The Montalban Theatre in Los Angeles, California. He talks ...
Ep. 204 - Energy, Energy, Energy

Ep. 204 – Energy, Energy, Energy

Welcome back to another week! This week I talk about why Musical Theatre is amazing and what is so magical about an audience watching a show and also some #QuarantineAdvice Enjoy!! Learn more about your ...
Ep. 203 - BROADWAY TALKS with an Actress - Gabriella Marzetta

Ep. 203 – BROADWAY TALKS with an Actress – Gabriella Marzetta

Today I kick off a new type of episode! BROADWAY TALKS! Every few weeks I will release an interview with someone from the theatre community! I know it's long, but it is worth every second! This week I ...
Ep. 202 - To All the Mom's:

Ep. 202 – To All the Mom’s:

Hey everyone! This episode is my gift to all the mother's listening! (It was recorded on Mother's Day but it didn't fit into my Tuesday upload schedule... so just pretend) LOVE YOU ALL! Learn more about ...
Ep. 201 - Guess Who's Back!

Ep. 201 – Guess Who’s Back!

Hi! It's me, Mason! I am back at it making podcast episodes. Enjoy this one where I tell you what I've been up to! Tell me what you are doing to pass the time! I need suggestions! Learn more about your ...


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