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STUCK is a show about triumphing over common workplace dilemmas. If you know what it’s like to have a problem at work without a clue what to do, listen in! Hosts Damian Bazadona and Rachelle Pereira hear questions from listeners on where they are STUCK and only have five minutes to think about it before weighing in and trying to find a solution. Their advice is not researched or edited, but rather instinctual answers from the experience of a CEO and a leadership expert. Join them each week for actionable tips for moving through the stickiest workplace conundrums.


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STUCK Podcast

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Emily’s been out of work for 6 months searching for that next great gig and she’s looking to Damian and Rachelle for advice on how to keep spirits high when the outlook can feel a little grim. Tune in to hear how maintaining a positive mindset impacts not ...
STUCK Podcast

Dealing With Slackers

It’s a small company, you’ve got a coworker conflict, and there’s no HR—recipe for disaster or opportunity? Tune in to hear Rachelle and Damian’s advice on where to turn to when it feels like there’s nowhere to turn ...
STUCK Podcast

Define Doormat

Jamie’s stellar at her job. But that’s also made her a catch-all for endless to-dos outside of her role. Find out how being great at what you do doesn’t have to mean you do everything ...
STUCK Podcast

Season 3: Coming Soon

Season 3 of STUCK is on its way! Check out this teaser to hear Damian and Rachelle chat with Robbie Caploe, Publisher at Cynopsis—the Entertainment and Media Newsletter powerhouse and our partner for this season. Get a sneak peek at the Gen Z & Millennial workplace issues they’ll ...
STUCK Podcast

Boss or Friend?

Joaquin got a promotion. Awesome. But now he has to manage his friends. Not awesome. Find out how he can do this successfully ...
STUCK Podcast

Building a Work/Life Culture

Damian and Rachelle help a non-profit manager think about how she can maintain a balance for her and her staff while they are busy supporting communities in need ...


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