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STUCK is a show about triumphing over common workplace dilemmas. If you know what it’s like to have a problem at work without a clue what to do, listen in! Hosts Damian Bazadona and Rachelle Pereira hear questions from listeners on where they are STUCK and only have five minutes to think about it before weighing in and trying to find a solution. Their advice is not researched or edited, but rather instinctual answers from the experience of a CEO and a leadership expert. Join them each week for actionable tips for moving through the stickiest workplace conundrums.


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STUCK Podcast

When Should You Cut and Run?

Joanne is three months into her new job and it's not going well. Should she quit now or dig in and give it some time? ...
STUCK Podcast

Presence Pizza

What does "Executive Presence" mean? Find out how this young executive can develop this elusive, but critical, quality ...
STUCK Podcast

Mistakes Happen

Megan has made a few mistakes recently and is stressing out about what to do. Find out if she should she own up to them or just lay low ...
STUCK Podcast

When Work is Boring

Matt is bored sick in his job, but he is paid well and comfortable. Find out how he can get more motivated so that he is living life to the fullest ...
STUCK Podcast

Season 2 Coming Soon

We're thrilled to announce Season Two of STUCK will be coming your way soon ...
STUCK Podcast

Wonder Women

With so few women in leadership roles on Broadway, how does this woman help carve out a pathway for others to follow? ...


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