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Support For This Podcast is the very popular interview show that your trendy friends are already listening to. It features serious people discussing important topics, interviewed by the brilliant and humble journalist, Emily Amy Lauren Becca. It’s also an improvised satirical podcast. (“Improv”, for those unfamiliar, is a writing technique that is short for, “a great way to take credit for other people’s creativity”.) From the demented, yet loving minds of Jessica Fontana (@iamjessfontana) and Ryan Langer (@mourningsongs) comes Support For This Podcast: a podcast for people whose love language is insightful mocking that comes from the heart. Host: Jessica Fontana

Emily Amy Lauren Becca (host) graduated from a college in Boston (HARVARD). Emily Amy Lauren Becca previously worked as the certified free-trade coffee runner at Fresh Air, and as the gluten sensitivity consultant for This American Life. She lives in Greenpoint, Park Slope, Morningside Heights, and the Upper East Side. She is married but kept her last name for obvious reasons. She lives with her husband, cat, dog, lizard, and house plants, but also lives without pets because she’s allergic. She enjoys music, silence, reading, having her eyes closed, and TV comedies that aren’t funny.

Ben Michael Sam Matt Mark (audio engineer) is a really laid back, quiet, easygoing kind of guy who actually has deeply passionate emotions about a variety of topics but has been conditioned not to share them because masculinity, as we know, is a prison. Past audio engineering credits include, “Live From Your Boyfriends Living Room- 57 Minutes Of Silence Punctuated By A Trip To The Bathroom With The Door Open”, and “Reddit- The Musical- The Podcast”. Ben Michael Sam Matt Mark lives in Bushwick, the Lower East Side, and Secaucus, New Jersey. A self-described “Jewdie” (like a foodie, except that it’s collecting Judaica), he enjoys sitting and making several changes to the menu item of his choice.

Ryan Langer (writer/audio engineer/co-creator/co-executive producer) is a composer/lyricist/audio-book producer living in Los Angeles. Ryan has not starred on Broadway as Cinderella, but he did see the show twice. Find Ryan online @mourningsongs.

Stephanie Layton (graphic designer) is a redheaded artist and musician living in Brooklyn. She has also not starred on Broadway as Cinderella, and she never saw the show. Check out her design work at and find latergrams at @redscandalgraphics.



Support for This Podcast Episode 5

Season 1 Episode #5 – Forget FOMO, IT’S FOBI TIME

Proud non-advocate for non-togetherness Jane Docent (Ann Harada, @annharada) speaks to Emily Amy Lauren Becca (Jessica Fontana, @iamjessfontana) about what it means to have FOBI- the Fear Of Being Included ...
Support for This Podcast Episode

Season 1 Episode #4 – Lonni Lindsay Will See You Now

Owner/Founder/CEO of Women Take Back The Night, Lonni Lindsay(Sas Goldberg, @sasgoldie), speaks to Emily Amy Lauren Becca (Jessica Fontana, @iamjessfontana) about turning her passion for stalking unrequited love-interests into a highly profitable and rewarding career as the head of a robust private investigative agency ...
Support for This Podcast Episode

Season 1 Episode #3 – Chris Ross Can’t Quit Kickstarter

Corporate lackey Chris Ross (Noah Robbins, @noahrobbinsman) opens up to Emily Amy Lauren Becca (Jessica Fontana, @iamjessfontana) about the life changing ramifications of a missing Kickstarter thank-you gift ...
Support for This Podcast Episode

Season 1 Episode #2 – Jon Hamm’s Omelette

Former amateur thespian and current gynecologist Dr. Miriam LaCroix (Jill Abramovitz, @jillinharlem) speaks with Emily Amy Lauren Becca (Jessica Fontana, @iamjessfontana) about an auspicious cross-town bus ride she shared with award-winning actor Jon Hamm.,, Instagram/Twittter: @spptforthispod ...
Support for This Podcast Episode

Season 1 Episode #1 – Sooner or Latté You’ll Know Who Spencer Temple Is

Groundbreaking social-media influencer Spencer Temple (Greg Hildreth, @greg_hildreth) speaks to Emily Amy Lauren Becca (Jessica Fontana, @iamjessfontana) about divining a hashtag sensation, Mexican sandwiches, and how an important phone-call about brunch changed the world forever.,, Instagram/Twittter: @spptforthispod ...


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