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Take a Bow Podcast


Tony and Grammy nominated actress, Sydney Lucas, and Broadway and TV veteran, Eli Tokash, both began their careers as young child actors. Now teenagers, they are teaming up to provide listeners with weekly entertainment to share their industry experiences and expertise through Take A Bow! A podcast geared towards fellow lovers of the arts and entertainment. Take A Bow will walk audiences through life in the entertainment industry, as well as discuss various topics with all different types of guests: top actors, directors, musicians, child wranglers, tutors, and more.

These best friends will be guiding listeners with information on how to start out in the business, by going through; the process of auditioning, headshots, agents/managers, child labor laws, the daily life of actors, funny mishaps, and so much more.  They will take you on a journey to experience special events such as The Tony Awards, The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and entertaining the President at the White House. These two have had unique starts in the industry at very young ages. They are eager to share their experiences, thoughts, opinions, and feelings on all aspects of the industry seen through a kid’s perspective. As well as the evolution of their careers as they transition from child actors to young adult actors.

Sydney and Eli will have fun, casual, insightful, deep, and open talks geared toward fan requested topics with each other and guests. Along with this, Tokash and Lucas will shine a light of appreciation on all child actors as it is sometimes forgotten that children live a normal life on top of working in the performing arts. Performing kids have to balance multiple jobs, auditions, school, and performances every day. Sydney and Eli are eager to open the curtains of the performance world and give audiences inside perspectives on what life is really like behind those curtains.




Take A Bow - #12 - Casting Director, Jen Rudin

#12 – Casting Director, Jen Rudin

This week's episode in unlike any other episode of Take A Bow. Sydney and Eli sit down with one of the industry's top casting director, Jen Rudin. Jen talks about her time working on Disney's top animated films, Disney's top theatrical shows, having her own casting company, what ...
Take A Bow - #11 - Come To The Fun Home with Michael Cerveris

#11 – Come To The Fun Home with Michael Cerveris

Michael Cerveris joins the podcast to share his wisdom about being in FOURTEEN broadway shows! Host Sydney Lucas and Michael share fun stories of their time in Fun Home and the 2015 Tony Awards. On top of that Cerveris talks about being from West Virginia, life in quarantine, ...
Take A Bow - #10 - Getting Kooky with Taylor Trensch

#10 – Getting Kooky with Taylor Trensch

Take A Bow with Broadway Star Taylor Trensch! We guarantee that Taylor has been in at least one of your favorite Broadway shows. He gives listeners an idea of what it's like for adults to play kids on Broadway, recording a new musical called "Bleeding Love" while quarantined, ...
Take A Bow - #9 - Jeremy Villas, AKA a Human Rubberband

#9 – Jeremy Villas, AKA a Human Rubberband

These friends since middle school talk about what it was like being in a broadway show all the same time and go to school together. Get to know Jeremy who has conquered it all in every triple threat category. Doing so at the young age of eleven, he ...
Take A Bow - #8 - An ICON, Max Von Essen

#8 – An ICON, Max Von Essen

Are you someone who easily gets discouraged when auditioning? This episode is for you. Max Von Essen shares his experience and wisdom with you to help guide you through auditioning and how to stay positive in a business where it’s easy to get discouraged. Learn all about his ...
Take A Bow - #7 - Say HELLOOOO to Analise Scarpaci

#7 – Say HELLOOOO to Analise Scarpaci

Say HELLOOOO to, Mrs. Doubtfire's, Analise Scarpaci. Listen to what this season broadway vet as both a child and adult actor made her way to landing a lead role in Broadway's hottest new show. On top of being in four Broadway shows, she's also well known in the ...

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