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Take a Bow Podcast


As a showbiz kid, host Eli Tokash knows what it’s like to balance childhood normalcy and the demands of starring on Broadway, Television, and Film. Kids in the industry have to balance multiple jobs, auditions, and performances on top of their schooling every single day. As Eli is becoming a young adult, he wants to share his industry child experiences and expertise while he seeks advice from adults asking about what is yet to come on this weekly podcast, Take A Bow!

Take A Bow walks audiences through life in the entertainment industry with guests from all facets of the entertainment industry including top actors, directors, stage managers, casting directors, musicians, child wranglers/tutors, and more. Eli highlights each guest’s unique story and celebrates their journeys and accomplishments as they give insight on how they came to be where they are in the spotlight. This podcast offers helpful information for those just starting out in the industry such as the process of auditioning, headshots, getting agents/managers, the daily life of actors, funny mishaps, and so much more. Join Eli weekly as he engages in these insightful and fun conversations and he and his guest’s offer their experiences, thoughts, and advice on all aspects of the industry, seen through a kid’s perspective, while speaking with child and adult actors alike.



Bonus EP: "In the Heights" Exclusive Interviews!

Bonus EP: “In the Heights” Exclusive Interviews!

Our BPN Podcasters bring you exclusive interviews with cast and creatives from In the Heights, in theaters on June 11 2021 ...
#52 - Fred Odgaard Back to Broadway

#52 – Fred Odgaard Back to Broadway

Moulin Rouge, Kinky Boots, and Finding Neverland, Fred Odgaard joins this week's episode of Take A Bow. Fred's career has been a lifelong tour, as his work has relocated him to places such as Tokyo, Australia, Las Vegas, New York, and more. Fred openly shares what life has ...
#51 - Bowen Yang Didn't Sink the Titanic

#51 – Bowen Yang Didn’t Sink the Titanic

SNL's Rising Star Bowen Yang, talks SNL, Nora From Queens, his podcast Las Culturistas, and more! Bowen's journey is incredibly unique. As a graduate of NYU in the Department of Chemistry, he quickly shifted focus to solely work on his talents as a comedian. Juggling three different jobs ...
#50 - One Year Anniversary with Charlie Alterman

#50 – One Year Anniversary with Charlie Alterman

In celebration of the One Year Episode of Take A Bow, Charlie Alterman joins to bring a new field that has yet to be discussed on the podcast. Charlie is one of the most well known conductors, musical directors, and keyboardists in the industry. Charlie has worked closely ...
#49 - John Bolton, My Old Man

#49 – John Bolton, My Old Man

The seasoned vet of NINE BROADWAY SHOWS, John Bolton, joins Take A Bow. Bolton walks audiences through his favorite stories of shows such as Anastasia, A Christmas Story, Titanic, Hello Dolly, How To Succeed, and Damn Yankees ...
#48 - Adam Jacobs, The Prince of Disney on Broadway

#48 – Adam Jacobs, The Prince of Disney on Broadway

Award Winning Writer and Actor, Joshua Turchin joins the podcast to discuss being a multi- hyphenate in the entertainment industry. Joshua really opens the curtains by sharing the craziest backstage stories from his time in A Christmas Story, Forbidden Broadway, and more. He also talks about how he ...


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